Live Stream Schedule

  1. Migrating to Cobalt in Style permalink

    Guest: Kaelig Deloumean-Prigent, Engineer @ Netlify, Drew Powers, Developer, Designer

    Kaelig Deloumean-Prigent, Engineer @ Netlify, with the help of Drew Powers, Designer & Developer, will begin migrating Netlify's design token library from Amazon's Style Dictionary to Cobalt (two different design token translation tools).

  2. Discussion de Open Source permalink

    Guest: Thomas Bonnet, Dévelopeur Web

    Thomas Bonnet, a web developer, joins Nick to discuss open source. This live stream will be a little different as it will be in French. Come join us for a lively discussion en Français!

  3. Low Code & AI Equals Opportunity permalink

    Guest: Ray deck, Founder,

    Come hang with Ray Deck, Founder at and Nick as they explore the world of low code and AI and the opportunities they create for people getting into tech.

  4. CodeNewbie,, fundraising, all the things! permalink

    Guest: Saron Yitbarek

    Saron Yitbarek founded CodeNewbie, Disco, and now Come hang with Saron and Nick as Saron shows us the ropes on how to be awesome.

  5. OpenSauced Shout-outs of the Month permalink

    Guest: BekahHW, Developer Experience Lead at OpenSauced

    Come hang with Nick and Bekah as they give shout-outs to members of the OpenSauced community.

  6. Web accessibility is coming and we need better tooling permalink

    Guest: Andrew Hedges, Co-founder, Assistiv Labs

    Andrew Hedges, Co-founder of Assistiv Labs, joins Nick to discuss trends in accessibility, where the industry is moving, what inefficiencies we're trying to fix.

  7. Sentry in Action permalink

    Guest: Salma Alam-Naylor, DevRel @ Sentry

    Salma Alam-Naylor, DevRel @ Sentry, joins Nick to discuss the Sentry product. They'll also have some fun seeing if they can find some bugs in an app Nick is working on.

  8. TBD permalink

    Guest: Mark Erikson, Senior Front-End Engineer at
  9. Tauri and SolidJS! permalink

    Guest: Atila, DevRel Engineer at CrabNebula

    Atila, DevRel Engineer at CrabNebula, joins Nick to discuss the Tauri and SolidJS projects. They'll also have some fun building out an app!

  10. Tailwind Time permalink

    Guest: Shruti Balasa, Tech Educator

    Shruti Balasa, Tech Educator, joins Nick to discuss the Tailwind CSS framework.