Review: Logitech Litra Glow Premium LED Streaming Light with TrueSoft

3 minute read

So I live stream on Twitch mainly, although I have started to stream to my YouTube channel as well.

It's something I enjoy doing even though I don't have tens of thousands of followers like some other live streamers. I do make some money from Twitch at the moment, but it's pretty negligible at the moment. This is also why I've been pretty conservative in regards to equipment (for now), although my microphone isn't too bad (Blue Yeti) and a couple years ago, I treated myself to a Stream Deck.

When it comes to cameras and lighting though, I can't justify breaking the bank, at least for now where I am in my live streaming career. Up until last Saturday, I was live streaming using two super cheap ring lights. One clipped to my cupboard above my desk, and one on the left side of my desk. They've done a good job up until now.

My old lighting set up for live streaming

I can't remember where I came across the Logitech Litra Glow, but I read up on it and it received amazing reviews. I had a gift card to Best Buy Canada, so I decided to purchase it.

It's the start of the year, but I'm pretty certain this will be one of my best purchases for the year.

The hardware permalink

There's not much to the light in a good way. It sits on you monitor and you can adjust the height as well as change the angle of the light,

My monitor sitting on my desk with the Litra Glow sitting on top of it

On the rear of the Litra Glow are physical buttons to turn it on, change brightness or change the colour temperature.

Back of Litra Glow light showcasing it's physical buttons

The software permalink

The light was already amazing, but once I installed the software for the Litra Glow, I was blown away how well and easy it worked.

First off you can turn it on and off using the software which is nice so that I don't have to fumble around behind my monitor.

Litra Glow software turning off the light

Tweaking the temperature of the light is super easy as well. You can adjust it manually or choose a preset.

Litra Glow software manual temperature settings

I've currently been enjoying the Cozy Daylight preset.

Temperature settings set to the Cozy Daylight preset

You can also preview your camera to adjust the lighting.

Selecting camera to use in Litra Glow software

You can also set the resolution of the preview

Camera preview in Litra Glow software

This was a really nice upgrade for me, and again, I know there are better lights out there, but for 80$ CAD + taxes, this is a really great budget light for streaming/meetings that you should consider.