I Started a JavaScript Stream on Twitch!

1 minute read

The title says it all. I started a JavaScript (JS) Twitch stream!

As some of you know, I co-host the DEV Twitch stream. I'm also learning Rust on Tuesdays on my own stream.

But now there is some JavaScript goodness too. I decided to start streaming on Thursdays at 2pm UTC (10am Eastern for me) for an hour about all things JavaScript.

To follow along visit JavaScriptHours.com

So what is the purpose of the stream? Well it's a few things:

  • Do some katas to get back in the habit
  • Answering folks questions in the stream. I can't guarantee I will have all the answers (who does?), but we can have fun figuring it out if I don't know. 😎
  • Anything JS related honestly, including TypeScript
  • Hanging with all you awesome folks on the stream.

If you missed the inaugural stream, here's the recording up on YouTube.

We covered the following on the first stream:

  • purpose of the stream
  • some katas from jskatas.org
  • object and array spread

Come by and lurk, ask questions, or just move a lobster or doughnut for fun on the screen!

See you at the next stream!