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Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

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I recently discovered the Stuff You Should Know podcast. It’s chock full of interesting stuff and the one I was listening to recently ties into computers. It’s all about the typewriters.

Typewriters: Mechanical Brilliance

For all the mechanical keyboard fans or for anyone honestly, you’ll learn things like why the shift key is called the shift key.

Funny anecdote. While I typed out the episode name, I wrote Typescript Writers lol. 🙃

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A little YOLO can go a long way – Me on Twitter a while back

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  • I got my first pull request (PR),, to the Netlify CLI merged last week! It always feels pretty cool when you contribute to something that all the developers on your platform use probably multiple times a week. 😎

  • I also got my first PR,, to the Open Sauced project merged! 🍕 It made a change to how Storybook for Open Sauced bundles. It now uses vite!

  • Have you moved to Mastodon full-time or part-time from Twitter? For the most part I’ve moved over there, but I realize some folks use Twitter as a main point of contact with me, so I’m barely there now. I wrote about it in this post, Have you moved from Twitter to Mastodon for social media?. What are your thoughts on Mastodon?