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Not only is this cool stuff, I got to review it. 😎

Netlify’s New Background and Scheduled API Routes for Next.js
Natively run API routes as background and scheduled functions in Next.js without relying on third-party services.

Alongside the release of Next.js 13, Vercel also released Turbopack. It’s still early days, but it’s apparently super fast. It will need an ecosystem to build around it to have adoption though. Time to start learning Rust friends!

The Rust-powered successor to Webpack
Turbopack is an incremental bundler optimized for JavaScript and TypeScript, written in Rust.

A great roundup of all the changes that came with Next.js 13

Next.js 13… this changes everything
Next.js 13… this changes everything
Next.js 13… this changes everything

Language Server/IDE improvements, better npm compatibility and more in the latest Deno release

Deno 1.27: Major IDE Improvements
Deno 1.27 ships with major improvements for IDEs, better support for npm packages, navigator.language Web API and more.

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Fun and educational. This cracked me up

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I got to hang with Anthony Campolo on his stream this week. It was a lot of fun chatting about server-side rendering (SRR), islands architecture, and doing some live coding.

Curious about what The Collab Lab is? I sat down with Stacie Taylor to discuss all thing Collab Lab and her origin story. We even talked about career advice. I really enjoyed chatting with Stacie.

The Collab Lab with Stacie Taylor - Nick's Cuts
Nick Taylor is joined by Stacie Taylor, Engineering Team Lead at Zapier and Co-founder at The Collab Lab. Nick and Stacie discuss The Collab Lab, career advice, Stacie’s origin story, and all kinds of fun tangents as well.Note: This interview was from earlier this year while Nick was still runnin…