Yet Another Newsletter LOL: You don't unit test???

So I’m back on It was great when I was using it before the brief move to Substack and then the move to Revue. The only reason I moved to Revue was because it was tightly integrated to Twitter in what appeared to be a good thing. Twitter followers could discover my newsletter a lot easier. Fast forward to 2022 and it looks like they’re phasing out Revue at Twitter.

Sorry for leaving you Buttondown! 😎 Alright, with that, back to regular scheduled programming.

Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

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  • Loved this conversation about unit testing. It’s from April, but it just came on my radar. “YOU DONT UNIT TEST??? DevHour #1”


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This week I discovered that Morse code is designed so that you can decode it with a binary tree! 🤯

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“It’s Dev Rel, not Dev Sell” – Tejas Kumar on the Modern Web podcast S09E19- The Future of DevRel and Databases with Tejas Kumar

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The recording with Michael Chan, a.k.a. Chantastic, is up on YouTube! It was so much fun hanging with Chan and it was such a great conversation.

Storybook & Chromatic with Chantastic

This coming week, I’ll be hanging with my good friend Bekah to work on the Deepgram browser extensions on stream.

Later friends!