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Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

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I’ve been following Deno more closely since I started working at Netlify since we use it for our Edge offering. TLDR; using npm packages in Deno, speed etc.

Big Changes Ahead for Deno
Learnings from our recent survey and feedback from across our community. We’ll discuss how we’re addressing this feedback and the features to expect from Deno in the coming months.

I’ve often wondered why we need macros in Rust. Chris Biscardi has us covered!

Why do we need macros in Rust?
Why do we need macros in Rust?
Why do we need macros in Rust?

I haven’t used this on a project yet, but it looks like a great base for building out your design system. Design system tokens and CSS vars ftw!

Open Props: sub-atomic styles
Open source CSS custom properties to help accelerate adaptive and consistent design. Available from a CDN or NPM, as CSS or Javascript.

Josh W. Comeau drops another banger. Josh is such a great teacher.

Why React Re-Renders
In React, we don’t update the DOM directly, we tell React what we want the DOM to look like, and React tackles the rest. But how exactly does it do this? In this tutorial, we’ll unpack exactly when and why React re-renders, and how we can use this information to optimize the performance of our React apps.

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Sometimes this is the right move.

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VS Code Tip of the Week: Terminal Auto Replies - Just Some Dev
This week’s VS Code Tip came out in January of this year, but it seemed to go under the radar for…

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The recording of the stream with Brittney Postma is up! Check it out!

Starting Svelte with Brittney Postma
Starting Svelte with Brittney Postma
Starting Svelte with Brittney Postma

I wrote this at the end of last year, but a lot of folks have found it super useful, so sharing it here again.

Frontend Developer Resources 2022 - Just Some Dev
I don’t know if I’ll keep doing this every year, but I did one of these in 2020, and that post got some good signal, so I renamed it to Frontend Developer Resources 2020, which brings us to Frontend Developer Resources 2022.

James Perkins from Clerk is joining me on my stream this week! Come by and say hi at at 5pm UTC on August 24th!