Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Fortune Cheese

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Another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

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Bun is a fast, all-in-one toolkit for running, building, testing, and debugging JavaScript and TypeScript, from a single file to a full-stack application.

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🔮🧀 Step aside crystal ball, this cheese will tell your fortune

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There is a fine line between humility and arrogance. Confidence is in the middle.

Kelsey Hightower on Twitter

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I've been having issues with OBS streaming to Twitch since last week. I finally got it sorted out, but all that to say there was no stream this week. In the meantime, checkout the back catalogue on!

I am pleased to announce though, that I’ve rescheduled with Aiden Bai and it’s happening this Wednesday, September 13th at 5 pm UTC! Come hang and learn about million.js!

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  • No specific job posting this week, but I did come across a site, that my old co-worker Ben from Netlify created. Maybe you'll find it helpful for landing a remote frontend role.

I post jobs in the community, plus all other kinds of content, as do others. If you're looking for another friendly nook of the internet, head to