Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Sharp!

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Another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

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View transition-powered drag and drop! This is a fantastic demo by Adam Argyle. It only works in Chrome at the moment.

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The important thing is that we use our privileges to uplift others.

Rizèl Scarlett from her blog post How container technology promotes equity in tech

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It was a blast chatting with Daniel Roe about Vue, Nitro, Nuxt, all the things! Here's a highlight.

Full recording dropping on YouTube next week.

Kettlebells and Code!

I look forward to hanging with Anna Nettles this Wednesday, August 9th at 5 pm UTC ! We will do a swole sesh and then talk about her tech journey.

Come workout with us!

Remember to give a follow on Twitch! 😎

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